Heartbreaker, your time has come…


For those who have not yet had the pleasure, The Everleigh are delighted to introduce our loveless little sister, Heartbreaker, sinking her unapologetic heels into Melbourne CBD.

Unlike her senior, Heartbreaker comes laced in sass and glamour inspired by the timeless drinking dens of Los Angeles.

Heartbreaker champions a vast selection of quality whisky and tequila, along with premium quality bottled cocktails from The Everleigh Bottling Co. and a top notch range of craft beers with eight rotating taps. Throw in the jam-packed retro jukebox (cue screams of “Fuck. I love this song!”), pool table, a ‘Liquor to Go’ store and a 3am license and you’ve got Australia’s answer to the classic good time bar.

Heartbreaker promises to dedicate all but her blackened soul to the late night experience.

Start falling in love…


Facebook & Instagram: @heartbreakerbar

Email: info@heartbreakerbar.com.au

Website: www.heartbreakerbar.com.au