Navy Strength Ice Co.

Navy Strength Ice Co.

Based in Melbourne’s Fitzroy, Navy Strength Ice Co. is Australia’s first boutique hand cut ice company brought to you by The Everleigh and specifically designed for bars, restaurants, catering companies, events, sculptors and speciality roasters.

By importing the world’s most highly regarded ice block makers we will be able to create perfect ice of the finest quality. The internationally regarded Clinebell block makers produce a 140kg block of crystal clear ice every three days using purified water from our state of the art filtration system.

Blocks will then be cut down to any desired size with various tools to create a perfect, crystal clear cube to fit your drink.

A succinct history of Australia’s natural ice trade and Sydney’s first ice shipment can be found here. Along with some recent press outlining the value of quality ice and the important role Navy Strength Ice occupies in the hospitality industry. 

For further information or to place an order of Navy Strength Ice please contact

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