The Classic Cocktail Book Club Featuring: Harry Johnson's Bartenders' Manual

It is time for another rendition of The Classic Cocktail Book Club at The Everleigh – A night of classic cocktail appreciation, where civilised studying meets week night debauchery in cosy confines of The Elk Room. The Classic Cocktail Book Club is an invitation to enjoy and explore drinks from a time gone by. The event will be hosted at 7:30pm, August 30th.

Join Michael and Zara Madrusan to discuss the historical and cultural relevance of fine, fond and forgotten drinks, and recount the stories of the characters who made them famous.

This month we are looking at cocktails and their history as written by “your obedient servant”  Harry Johnson in his 1882 Bartenders’ Manual. 

Tickets are $65 and include 4 cocktails and a snack. The event will run two hours and The Everleigh will welcome guests for further drinks and discussion to follow.

See you at the bar!